Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ham take over!

Do you think ham plays a part in every kitchen "I do" Well maybe not vegetarian eaters would argue that.
Well I am going to show you how big a part ham plays in kitchens everywhere, In most households there are pets that live indoors and outdoors and when our pets are good and do tricks for our entertainment well we treat our animals with you guessed it Ham treats for pets. When you meet that special someone and have children or not and you get up before the sunrises to make lunch for the upcoming school day nothing goes better with some healthy yogurt and potato chips maybe a candy bar or some wheat thins I guess it depends on how strict your dietary parameters are for your children. Ham comes in many forms for a lunch whether it be in between 2 slices of bread or on the side of other hearty vegetables or in a bowl of ham and bean soup, there are a thousand ways ham can become part of your kitchen.

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