Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ham Sandwich Heaven!!

Have you ever got up in the morning and had everything in order from the clothes you have layed out the night before to the take home work from the office filed and ready to go , get  twenty feet out the door and forget your lunch and on top of that forget to even make your lunch the night before, well I have. I am gonna give you 4 steps on how to make the quickest and tastiest Ham Sandwich in just 2 minutes.

Step 1. Ingredients:White bread (2 Slices),Smithfield Ham deli sliced (1/2 pound),Lettuce Head, 
 Duke's mayonaise(1teaspoon),common mustard(1 teaspoon),1 slice of
 american cheese, 1 butter knife.

Step 2.(People always get this part wrong The sandwich has to be put  together properly)

Step 3. This is how the magic happens,
Start with Alumnium Foil layed out large enough to cover the sandwich where no air can  infilitrate Lay the bread out side by side, on 1 slice of bread spread the mayonaise and mustard  on the other ,"Remember use the correct amount of mustard and mayonaise because you don't want to taste to much of one or the other"!  A lettuce head can be tricky because where most people make a mistake making the perfect  sandwich and losing time is slicing the lettuce you don't want to do that because you could use way to much or to little. Basically if the lettuce is fresh strip a leaf off maybe 2 large enough to cover both
slices of bread if you are using 2 pieces. I recomend 1 Leaf , now the easiest part Remove the
cheese from its plastic lay the cheese on either side if you are using 1 leaf of lettuce lay the cheese  on the other side. Now for my favorite part of a great sandwich and hopefully yours the ham use  about 3 slices depending on the thickness of the ham and lay the ham over the cheese.

Step 4.  Finishing Touches:  Combine both bread slices and remember (WRAP TIGHTLY) with the alumnium and get  your tail to work on time and the envy of your breakroom!!

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